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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Two word-of-mouth rumours about Mel Gibson

One could be put down to possible exaggeration, but two rumours have a little more weight. OK, so the story is: two female friends have independently told me they have been approached by Mel Gibson in a Sydney club. K told me she and her friend spent the night dancing with Mel and his bodyguard before his minder called them the next day to suggest a helicoptered lift to spend a weekend with Mel in a private estate (they politely declined). That was interesting enough, but a few weeks later, another friend, L, told me she was in a club in Sydney with a friend when Mel stumbled into the women's toilet, pashed her friend and stumbled out again. Isn't that great? Two friends who aren't prone to exaggeration tell of a married man famous for his Catholicism making advances on them or their friend. As a happily lapsed Catholic, I really, really enjoy discovering religious hypocrisy.