Because the world needs more overwrought candour.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Thoughts after seeing An Inconvenient Truth

- Imagine if George Bush had the passion to make such a thing
- Imagine if Mark Latham had the passion to make such a thing, not the twistedly intriguing dummy spit that was The Latham Diaries
- Imagine having politicians with actual passion in the system
- Imagine 100 million refugees fleeing the sea - the chaos, the starvation, the amorality, the fear from the Western countries who will largely escape the tragedy of sea level rises, the fortress-countries.

What a remarkable feat of science communication - measured, thoughtful, impassioned without whining. Why wasn't this man president of the free world? Why isn't there someone earnest in there, rather than these flexible suited men able to make anything sound plausible? Why are leaders who inspire rather than rule so rare?