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Monday, December 04, 2006


So good I had to watch it twice - but what a difference between viewings! Slumming it with the plebs at Melbourne Central's multiplex, everyone laughed at the heavy satire of the Running of the Jew or Borat's priceless speech outlining his Iraq strategy. The rather educated audience at the Nova was much less certain of laughing at racial jokes, even if the joke was that the exposed Americans were racist/homophobic/etc. A few small titters but generally a stunned silence with head-shaking. You could tell anti-American anecdotes were being accumulated. I even heard of people boycotting the movie because Mr Cohen is being so vigorously sued. Bah. Humour has to hurt. Give me the plebs of the multiplexes anytime. They might not get the satire, but by god, at least they can laugh.