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Saturday, January 31, 2004

Photography - democratising history. It used to be that only the aristocracy had the cash and hubris to immortalise themselves in a portrait. Photography lets anyone immortalise themselves for a much cheaper price. Of course, the downside is that the currency of pictures has been devalued significantly (I have a number of photographs of my feet)

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Driving through the city, looking up at the billboard ads, noticing a preponderance of Regain-Your-Erotic-Vigour style ads. Interesting thing: the continual use of the phrase 'sex-life'. What a slutty little modern cliche - the damn thing pops up everywhere. Improve your sex life. Dynamize your sex life. How's your sex life? And its insinuating pervasiveness isn't even the main problem with it. The real problem is that it clearly demonstrates how the public have absorbed and accomodated marketing-speak. The idea of a 'sex-life' comes straight out of marketing textbooks about market segmentation. The basic idea goes that if you divide a public up into niche markets, you increase the variety and overall number of products sold, and manage to fit people's needs better. However, not content to simply slice the population into smaller and smaller tranches, isolated from each other by product purchases, marketeers then started divvying up the individual. No longer do I simply have a life. Rather, I have many. A work life, a study life, a love life, a sex life, a social life. And each segment of my life can be sold to. It's a cunning form of segregation, and one that arguably makes people more insecure and more dissatisfied. If your work life is buzzing along well, chances are your sex life is lagging (what? you didn't make the three orgasm quota this week?!).

More later...

Thursday, January 22, 2004

My five year reunion for high school is coming up this year (five years already!) and I'm not particularly enthralled. Five years is a fair chunk o' life and now I'm sort of expected to go and justify my time to people I don't know particularly well. Still, it's not that far removed from extended family events.

Luckily, there is a compelling reason to attend the reunion. I want to see what happened to the cool group at school. Don't worry, I wasn't bullied particularly badly at school, and I have no wish to smugly brandish my Life's Direction (which is pretty weak anyhow) at jittery former classmates. But I am intensely interested in the process of being cool, and whether it is true that being too cool too early wrecks the rest of your life. My interest was piqued when I ran into a former classmate at a dodgy local poolhall. She used to be well in the cool group. The conversation unfolded as follows. She: What's been happening Doug? I babble something about uni, feeling vaguely inadequate about doing an Arts-related course. I return the serve - And what about you?
She: Oh, I've taken too many drugs and my head's fucked. Wow. What an opening line. What honesty. And it's not just her; I've heard worse through the few gossipers who still keep the concept of 'yearlevel' alive. One guy drove home after a night out, buzzing on a nice little speed/ecstasy cocktail, rolled his car on a corner and came to as he was being loaded into the ambulance. Scared of losing his licence, he waited till the ambo's were facing the other way before bolting out the door.

There's a couple of druggies who've become dealers (at least they're moving up the food chain). But what about the others? There's more to the story, I'm sure.

Friday, January 02, 2004

All over the place today. Went to bed at two last night, woke up at six. Why? I had some thinking to do, and my body/subconcious must have secretly colluded and decided that four hours was more than sufficient. Feeling sick but not from a bug.

Leaving tomorrow for a week, back for two days, away for a week and a half. Finally. Then I gotta find a house to rent. Limboland is lifting away.